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How to Temper Chocolate

How to temper chocolate

Tempering is the process of melting the chocolate in a special way in order to keep your chocolate shiny and prevent it from blooming. To start, melt your chocolate on half-power in the microwave for 1-minute intervals. Stir between each interval to help the chocolate melt quicker and more efficient. The amount of time you’ll need to repeat this process will depend on the amount of chocolate you are tempering.

Next, bring the chocolate up to the proper temperatures for each type of chocolate:

Dark Chocolate: 115 Degrees Fahrenheit

Milk Chocolate: 110 Degrees Fahrenheit

White Chocolate: 110 Degrees Fahrenheit

After you have reached the appropriate temperature for your chocolate, you’ll add seed chocolate. Seed chocolate is solid chunks of the same type of chocolate before it has been melted. This seed chocolate helps cool down your chocolate to the appropriate temperature. The cooled temperatures should reach:

Dark Chocolate: 89 Degrees Fahrenheit

Milk Chocolate: 86 Degrees Fahrenheit

White Chocolate: 84 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Once you’ve reached this lower temperature, you’ve successfully tempered your chocolate. You may need to take out some of the solid pieces of chocolate you used for your seed chocolate if they didn’t melt all the way.

After this, you are ready to dip! Try to keep your chocolate at the proper cooled temperature for better tempering results.

For a step-by-step video of this process we suggest this one by Orson Gygi.

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