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The Difference Between Chocolate brands, wafers, or bars

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Before you start working with chocolate, it’s important to know the difference between chocolate. For starters, chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes, and each shape is usually made with a different base ingredient. This post is all about understanding which chocolate will work best for you and understanding the¬†difference between chocolate brands, wafers, and bars.


Wafers are great melting chocolate. Unlike baking chips, they melt down fast and easy and they don’t hold their shape. Whether or not your wafers need tempering depends on if you’re working with compound or couverture chocolate. When working with A’Peels or Snaps, they don’t need to be tempered. However, most other wafers must be tempered. The three basic types of wafers are:

Couverture Wafers: Requires tempering

Compound Wafers: Do not need tempering

Chocolate Fountain Wafers: Should only be used in chocolate fountains


Chocolate chips are much better for baking than melting. Chips are formulated to hold their shape in high temperatures. Think of a chocolate chip cookies, the chips come out of the oven looking the same. Although the chips melt at around 80 degrees fahrenheit, they continue to hold their shape, unless disrupted by stirring. We suggest to use chips for baking, not melting or dipping.

Baking Chips: Use for baking


Bars are perfect for melting down. They come in very large sizes, most times around 10 lbs. Most of the bars we carry are made with couverture chocolate, meaning they require tempering. Always look at the type of chocolate you’re buying so you know whether you’re purchasing couverture or compound chocolate.

Couverture Bars: Requires tempering

Compound Bars: Does not require tempering


Each brand of chocolate comes with it’s own distinct flavor, quantity of cocoa, and shape. It’s up to you, the chocolatier, to decide which brand suites you and your needs best. Here are a list of brands we carry.

Callebaut Chocolate

Ghiradelli Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate

Hershey’s Chocolate

Merckens Chocolate

Peter’s Chocolate

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